Reasons for buying a Folding bike

1. You can take it with you wherever you go.

You can carry the folding bike along with you everywhere thereby reducing the risk of getting the bike stolen

2. Folding Bikes are Extremely Practical

The comfort of Folding and Unfolding in seconds makes it possible for one to Hop On and off public transport and gain the independence from the daily commuter rat race.

3. Saves Space

Foldies can comfortably sit in your car without taking much space and also won’t take much space to store in your house for those who live in apartments where every sq. ft. is priceless

4. Best for Commute

The comfort of Folding, storing at your workstation and the advantage of small wheels giving you high pick up won’t take much time to get going faster within seconds

5. It’s a Family Bike

The comfort of adjusting the saddle height and Handle position allows a 15yr old to a 65 yr old enthusiast use the same bike. One Bike for the family!

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