Ranking the 5 best folding bikes of 2021

Cycling has become an effective alternative form of escape in today’s travel-heavy climate. Whether the reason is to dodge the monotony of the same streets and stop lights every morning, or the ability to free yourself from your metal coffin in order to participate in a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Whatever the reason may be, what happens when, like many others, you realise that bringing your bike to the workplace, park, or store is a bit more of a hassle than you once thought? This is where folding bikes enter as the ultimate solution. Now, the next challenge lies in assessing which folding bike brands are the best-looking and most performance-oriented in today’s market. Lucky for you, Pedal Power on Foldie lists down five notable names here on this page. 

  1. Brompton

Brompton is perhaps the best all-around folding bike. Created by Cambridge University engineering graduate, Andrew Ritchie, in the mid-1970s, it is currently handcrafted in West London. The iconic brand has been significantly developed over the years, with roughly 50,000 bikes sold across the globe each year. Today, it is available in a variety of configurations, all of which maintain the same core design, including its USP (unique selling proposition): its super-compact folded size.

  1. Zizzo Campo

Due to its cost, solid design, and elegant appearance, the original Zizzo Campo instantly became a favourite among folding bicycle lovers. That being said, the company decided that an upgrade to the platform would be beneficial, resulting in reduced weight from 29 to 28 lbs. Then, they further introduced a number of revised parts/systems to make it more intuitive for everyday riders. Now, the newly-revised brand features an easy, single-folding aluminium stem, a magnetic catch, and an upgraded crankset. 

  1. Vello Alfine 11

Vello’s Alfine 11 is one of the market’s most minimalist folding bikes. The model features a slim steel frame, larger-than-average 20-inch wheels, and an integrated suspension damper. However, the best highlight is really in its wide range of low-maintenance internal gears, guaranteeing to save you both time and money. 

  1. Citizen Rome

Citizen Rome promotes excellent roaming capabilities. It is one of the best folding commuting bikes you can buy, given its pricing range. When compared to its larger predecessors, this low-maintenance model weighs only 20 lbs, making it a delight to transport. It also has a grease-free belt drive, airless Muffin tires, and an aeroplane-friendly roller bag that makes it easier than ever to store and use, enabling you to pull it out anytime you want to get ahead of the crowd.

  1. Tern Verge X11

Tern is known for creating a wide range of folding bikes, meeting various transport needs of different types of cyclists. Out of those released, the Verge X11 mode is undoubtedly the market’s highest-performing folding. Everything about speed and efficiency, you can trust it whether it is a race to work or fly straight to the Alps.

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