Pedal Power on Foldie: Top bike brands

Have the best life out there by knowing the top bike brands. Learn all you can when you read about it here at Pedal Power on Foldie. The top bike brands with description that you need to know are the following:

Ackermans is a brand of bicycles originally established in Brussels, Belgium in 1890. The company began making children’s bicycles and then moved on to make racing bikes. In the 1970s they turned their attention to mountain bikes and soon became the leader in the niche. The current management has made a point of revitalizing the brand and the company has launched a new advertising campaign featuring award winning Belgian cyclist Fabian Cancellara. The bikes are being sold through a network of approximately 700 retailers in 40 countries worldwide and are made in two facilities in Taiwan and China. ABS Industries, Inc. (ABS) is a leading manufacturer of bicycle components located in Lancaster, Ohio. Founded in 1978 by a team of entrepreneurs who had worked together at the famous Schwinn Bicycle Company, they were soon joined by a group of world-class investors including Dan Hirsch, Peter S. Lewis and Jerald Greenberg. Today, they employ more than 200 people and have grown to be one of the largest producers of clipless pedals, chain lube, drivetrain components and bike accessories in the world. They are also the exclusive North American distributor for Zipp, SE, Giro, Fulcrum, OKS and many other major brands.

Bontrager – A leader in road and adventure bicycles, Bontrager produces a complete line of bicycles for all types of riders including road racing, gravel, hybrids, touring and mountain bikes. Bontrager is known worldwide for its unique combination of style, function and innovation.

Co-founded in 1986 by brothers DuSean and Wes Cozart, Bontrager was originally formed to create a better wheel for dirtbikes. In 1988 they introduced their first hybrid bicycle the “Gravel Gravelator”. In 1990 they created the “No Sweat” Road Bike which featured wide bars, fenders, a rack and mudflaps. These bicycles were so successful that the company soon had distribution throughout the U.S. With the rise of mountain biking came even more success. Today, Bontrager is one of the world’s leading producers of mountain, road and adventure bicycles. The Bontrager brand is synonymous with quality, performance and value. Bontrager is based in Riverside, California.

Comet – Comet is the leader in electric bikes, car seats and accessories for babies and children. The company was founded in 1984 by a small group of parents who wanted the best protection for their children while riding in the back seat.

Scott – One of the original mountain bike manufacturers, Scott made some of the first “enduro” bikes. They still make great bikes and have expanded into road, triathlon, and even off-road touring bikes. Their slogan is “Living Proof” and they are famous for creating products that just plain “Last A Long Time.”

Specialized – Founded in 1980 by Gary C. Halbert, this brand is now controlled by a small group of private investors. Originally making only bicycles with a focus on performance and racing, they have branched out into road bikes, hybrids, folding bikes, mountain bikes, and even road motorcycles. Their headquarters are located in nearby Turlock, CA.

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