How to maintain your bike

Pedal Power on Foldie: How to maintain your bike

Bikes are one of the smartest investments that you can make in your life. They can take you to your destination without having to worry about gas money and they can help you get your daily exercise needs. It also lessens the car emissions that continue to pollute the air.

These things don’t come cheap and they shouldn’t too. If you’re buying a cheap bike, that will only last you about a year or so or even months. If you consider this as an investment, you can opt for the more expensive brands which are made of the best quality materials. Bikes like this will usually last you a couple of years to a lifetime if handed to the right owner.

Here at Pedal Power Foldie, we believe that bicycles should always be taken care of whether you ride them often or not. This is because they can be useful in different areas of your life and they can last a long time if taken care of properly.

To help you become the  best bicycle owner that you can be and to prolong your bike’s life, here are some tips that will help you maintain it in good condition:

Keep it clean

One of the most important things that you need to do to maintain your bike in good condition is to keep it clean. Whether you just finished riding it or not, you should always clean it at least once a month or when needed. 

Cyclists who use their bikes often may have to do this more than once in a single month. When you see any kind of dirt stuck to your bike, this is a good time to clean it. Don’t leave it on the surface for too long or even overnight. The longer you let it stick, the harder it will be to wash off. It can also damage the paint job of your bike.

Check on your brakes

Your brakes are extremely important because they can help prevent any kind of collisions on the road. You won’t be able to do this if your brakes are damaged or worn out. To prevent this from happening, check your brake pads now and then to see if it’s still up to par to your standards. 

Leaving broken brake parts on your bike for too long might damage the other parts. Make sure that once you notice that it’s struggling to stop, replace it immediately or have it done by a professional.

This part of the bike is fairly easy to replace and the brake pad itself is relatively cheap. You can find this part at any bike shop and you can let the people there replace it for you.

Lubricate it regularly

When it comes to your bicycles, everything should be running smoothly. Never should you hear any metal clanging and banging against each other as you ride it. Hearing this noise, only means that there’s something wrong with the chains.

To fix this, use a bike-specific lubricant to prevent your metal parts from rubbing against each other. This can cause friction which can shorten your chain’s lifespan.

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