Essential accessories for cycling

Pedal Power on Foldie: Essential accessories for cycling

Cycling is one of the most fun and adrenaline-filled activities that you can do. On top of that, it also provides various benefits for your mind and body. That’s why here at Pedal Power on Foldie, we offer the best folding bikes and encourage people to take up the hobby of cycling.

As with other activities, cycling comes with its fair share of accessories that will help you be safer and more efficient. To help you be the best cyclist that you can be, we have compiled all of these accessories down below. Although some of these are not mandatory, they will still greatly benefit you and your folding bike.

If you want to get the most out of your bike riding experience, we couldn’t recommend these cycling accessories enough:

Bicycle helmet

This first one is a no brainer. Never in any circumstances should you head out and ride your bike without wearing a helmet. You can never be so sure about what’s going to happen when you ride your bike, the best thing that you can do is to equip yourself with the right protective gear.

Invest in a good quality helmet that is sturdy enough to protect your head. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to cut expenses by skipping this accessory. In the unlikely event that you’re involved in an accident, you would just be spending more money on your hospital and medical bills.

Also, make sure that the helmet fits your head properly. To do this, we encourage you to head to a physical store so that you can fit the helmet yourself. If you’re limited to online options, make sure that you know your size.

Lastly, wear your helmet properly. Some people put their helmets on just for the sake of it. You want to avoid this because it can fall off your head while you’re riding your bike at high speeds. Instead, strap your helmet properly but not too tight to the point where you’re choking. 

Eye protection

As you ride your bike, you’re exposed to several elements that can be hazardous for you. One of the most exposed parts of your body is your eyes and we recommend you protect them at all times.

The tiniest specks of dust, bugs, rocks and other harmful hazards can easily make their way inside your eyes which can affect your vision. The worst-case scenario, if you don’t equip yourself with eye protection, is blindness.

Getting some dirt in your eyes will disrupt your cycling and it can even lead to horrible accidents. To prevent this from happening, you should invest in some nice pairs of eye protection. If you’re in the market for this accessory, experts recommend these products the most:

Full face helmets

If you want to go all out and get the best protection, you can choose to buy a full-face helmet. This headgear won’t only protect your eyes but your whole head as well which makes it impenetrable for elements that you’ll encounter on the road.

However, people don’t like wearing this type of helmet because they find it a bit too heavy compared to regular ones. This added weight is because of the materials that manufacturers use to ensure its sturdiness. Some people love this helmet because other than the protection that it provides, it also makes them look cool thanks to its sporty look.

Helmet eye shields

If you don’t want to put on the extra weight of a full-face helmet, you can opt to attach eye shields. These things can easily snap on your headgear or you can buy a helmet that already comes with them.

A pair of sturdy helmet eye shields can prevent bugs, rocks and gravel from getting into your eye. This protective gear also doesn’t disrupt your vision thanks to its transparent colour.


The most lightweight eye protection that you can equip is a pair of eyeglasses. However, make sure that you know what to look for in these glasses. There are several choices that you can choose from in stores but what we recommend are the ones that are equipped with UV protection.

With this, you won’t only be protected from fine specks of dust but harmful radiations from the sun as well. This is especially important for those who ride their bikes during the day because it can also help lessen the glare from the sun.

Also, make sure that when wearing these eyeglasses, make sure to strap them on using a sports strap. This will help prevent them from falling off your face when you’re cycling at high speeds.


If you want a secure pair of eyewear that will never fly off your face, we recommend you buy a pair of goggles. These things are strapped at the back of your head which makes it impossible to come off as you ride your bike. Goggles create a seal around your eyes which makes it impenetrable for air to enter and other outside elements. 

Cycling gloves

If you’re planning to ride your bike frequently, we recommend you buy a pair of cycling gloves. These are a must-have for any cyclist because they offer several benefits. First is they prevent your hands from blistering which can be painful and uncomfortable to have when you ride your bike.

Secondly, they absorb any moisture from your hands if you have sweaty palms. This will help you get a better grip on the handlebars and lessen the chance of slipping. These gloves also come with padding which helps protect your hand.

Lastly, they protect a nerve in your hands called the ‘ulnar’ nerve. Applying prolonged pressure on this will cause your fingers to feel numb. This can be prevented by cycling gloves thanks to their padding. 

Water bottle

When you’re about to head out and ride your bike, make sure to bring a bottle of water along with you. This will help you stay hydrated for the duration of your trip. The last thing you need when you’re cycling is dehydration. This can ruin your experience and you’ll immediately feel exhausted and fatigued.

Forgetting this can be risky especially if you end up in the middle of nowhere with no access to water. We also recommend bringing more than you need because it’s better to have an extra amount of water than to run out of it.

Other negative effects caused by dehydration include:

  • Mood swings
  • Extreme thirstiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your bottled water when you ride your bike. You don’t have to worry about storage space either because most bikes come with a bottle holder. 

Bike pumps

Getting a flat tyre is one of the most common disasters that can happen to you on your ride. The best thing to do in this situation is to always bring a bike pump. This handy tool is easy to bring and it won’t take up that much space inside your bag.

Bringing this with you will prevent you from getting stranded in the middle of nowhere when you get a flat tyre. You can easily pull this out of your bag and get pumping. It will get tiring and it takes a lot of effort but it still beats being stuck outside.

Chain lube

Buying a chain lube for your bicycle is a worthy investment. This can help you save money in the long run because it can prolong the life of your bike’s chains. This prevents dirt and other tiny particles from getting stuck on your chains and causing them to lock up.

There are two types of chain lube that you can buy. The first one is the wet lube which is perfect if you’re biking during a rainy season because it will be hard to wash off.

The second type is the dry lube which should be used in dry weather conditions or if you’re cycling through dry places such as canyons and deserts.

Bike lock

To prevent your bike from being stolen, make sure to bring a bike lock with you everywhere you go. This is so that you can leave your bike unattended if you need to go inside a restaurant, mall, school, etc. 

However, we think that the best way that you can prevent people from stealing your bike is to buy a folding bike here at Pedal Power on Foldie! With this type of bicycle, you can fold a full-sized bike and put it inside your bag. This way, you don’t have to worry about leaving it outside whenever you have to go indoors because you’ll know that you have it with you.

These are some of the most essential accessories for cycling that we believe each cyclist should have. Riding a bike provides several benefits, be able to enjoy them to the fullest by equipping yourself with these essentials.

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