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PPOF Bike Review from one of our recent customer

Hi Pankaj,

I am late on giving review for PPOF folding bike since we want to ride bike for some days to get the honest review from our side.

Firstly thanks for giving us this great bike.

Since last six months I and my brother Jitendra Sawant looking for Folding bike for commuting and for fitness purpose. My brother daily travels to Pune from Thane Railway station by Intercity express for his work.So he didn’t get any time for workout for his fitness. So one unique idea comes in oue mind that, is it possible to travel by folding bike from Thane home to Thane railway station which is 2.5 km from railway station. Then fold the bike travel by train then after reaching Pune railway station commute on bike to office on foilding bike which is 2 km from railway station.Then repeat the journey vice a versa. This seems to be great idea at that time but we need good folding bike for this.

So we started to look for folding bikes available here.We study lot of bikes like Dahon, Btwin, Firefox and also mone Merc company bike from India. All bikes are some pros and cons. Our main at that time was weight of the bike should be minimum as possible.

I come to know about this PPOF bike while I am on Facebook, get interested. After some mail conversation I call Pankaj for trial.On trial we like the bike since it is only 10.5kg in weight which is lightest we find in other bikes.
We order the bike and within 7 days we have new brand PPOF bike at our home.

Instantly My brother started commumting on this beauty for Pune journey.

Lot of people at station gets curious and happy after seeing this bike and my brother is getting all the attention from crowd which is great.

After using this great foldie for days we feel that the bike is great, fantastic , adorable.
Ride quality is smooth. Build quality is good. We are loving it. Pankaj hats off to u for this foldie.

Only with carrier bike feels heavy , we remove that to make this beauty light. So Pankaj works on Carrier which is lighter than the present one.

Ok then we will give later reviews after some days after riding foldie for some more days.

Take care,

Kiran Sawant/ Jitendra Sawant

Reasons for buying a Folding bike

1. You can take it with you wherever you go.

You can carry the folding bike along with you everywhere thereby reducing the risk of getting the bike stolen

2. Folding Bikes are Extremely Practical

The comfort of Folding and Unfolding in seconds makes it possible for one to Hop On and off public transport and gain the independence from the daily commuter rat race.

3. Saves Space

Foldies can comfortably sit in your car without taking much space and also won’t take much space to store in your house for those who live in apartments where every sq. ft. is priceless

4. Best for Commute

The comfort of Folding, storing at your workstation and the advantage of small wheels giving you high pick up won’t take much time to get going faster within seconds

5. It’s a Family Bike

The comfort of adjusting the saddle height and Handle position allows a 15yr old to a 65 yr old enthusiast use the same bike. One Bike for the family!

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